As an integral component of the Kings Park House refurbishment, the latest technology is being incorporated into the building to provide advanced climate control, security systems, air conditioning and ventilation.

Air Conditioning

The heating and comfort cooling requirements are satisfied via a three pipe variable refrigerant volume (VRV) system. The VRV system consists of fan coil units concealed within ceiling voids, linked to external roof mounted condenser units via small bore copper pipework. The three pipe system can simultaneously heat and cool and utilises heat recovery allowing transfer of heat or cold from one area to another.

Ventilation System

Filtered fresh air will be provided to the office spaces via local heat recovery air handling plant and ductwork system. The air handling plant incorporates a supply fan, extract fan, flters and a plate heat exchanger. Fresh air is supplied to the back of the VRV fan coil units within the ceiling void. The fan coil units use a combination of the fresh air supply and return air from the space and provide tempered supply air to ceiling mounted diffusers. Dedicated points extract the room air via the air handling plant and system of ductwork to discharge the extracted air to atmosphere.

BMS Control System

The mechanical engineering services are controlled by a proprietary Building Management System (BMS) supplied and installed by a controls specialist. The system incorporates a motor control centre housing motor starters, controllers, outstations and all necessary control equipment. A BMS head-end/work station is provided complete with web access.

Electrical Installation

The building will be provided with a 200A TP&N incoming electricity supply. Each tenant’s office space shall be provided with its own independently MID metered distribution board. The Landlord’s building supplies shall be separately metered.

Telecommunications Infrastructure

Incoming telecomms ducts shall be provided to the electrical riser. Containment will be provided from the ducts within the electrical riser to each floor for future tenant’s telephone services.

Fire Alarms

A category L2 analogue addressable fire alarm system shall be provided throughout the property in accordance with BS5839. Sounder base smoke detectors and manual break glass units will be installed. The fire alarm system will be connected to monitoring station.


Fully modernised 8 person passenger lift serving all levels of the building. Modernisation includes high standard of lift car interior finishes, new door equipment, control system and associated equipment. The modernised lift will comply with all current lifts, safety and accessibility standards.

Security Systems

A video entry system will be installed linking the front and rear doors to the reception and each tenant’s office space. A fob reader will be provided within the video entry panels and at each entrance door to the tenant’s spaces. Exit will be by push button. The main entrances will be battery backed. CCTV recorded coverage will be provided to the rear car park (External) and to the ground floor reception (Internal).


LED lighting will be provided throughout the property. Lighting to core areas will be by LED recessed downlighters with occupancy sensing.